Wednesday 28 October 2020

In Gen X Studio, a division of Gen X Games, we have created a team of professionals who have been working for more than 20 years in the sector of board and Roleplaying games , with the purpose of serving as external support for other companies in the sector. sector that need our experience. Among other services we offer:

GAMIFICATION: We can develop and plan the production of a game on any motive, theme or incidence. Institutions that want to celebrate historical events, companies that want to give a game based on their business to their clients, or individuals who need help when developing a game to be able to translate it into a prototype. We have some of the best national designers to create a game with depth and quality.

PRODUCTION: Optimize a production at all levels: components, materials, regulation. We advise and study in the achievement of the product in view of its commercialization.

TRANSLATIONS: Translations of English to Spanish of game rules, with knowledge of them.

PLAYTESTING: Check and study of the viability and playability of prototypes.

With Gen X Studio we want to contribute to the development of the hobby of board games in our country at all levels, creating and consolidating a new sector with a great future.

These are some of the editors that have had our work:


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