Saturday 4 April 2020

Alien Perfect Organism


Slip into the role of an Alien Queen in Alien Perfect Organism and strategically build the biggest hive and kill all other queens. Send out your Queen and Xenomorphs to attack the other hives or the colony, avoid Newt and Ripley, and be the last Queen standing.

To grow their hive, players have to use tunnels in which they can place Alien Eggs, if they have enough space. If they play a Facehugger card, the Egg will hatch into a Facehugger. If they find a victim and a Xenomorph, they can transform the Facehugger into a Xenomorph. With two Xenomorphs and an expansion card, players can rapidly grow their hive by exchanging the Xenomorphs for the latter.

During their turn players can:

  • Draw a card from the Aliens card deck (tunnels, Eggs, Facehuggers, Xenomorphs, expansion).
  • Play Aliens cards into their player area which forms their hive.
  • Discard cards.
  • Send out their Queen or Xenomorphs to attack hives or the Colony (tunnels, victims).

If, while replenishing the Colony, a player finds Newt, they have to keep her until another player draws another Newt card. If at one point, a player draws a Furious Ripley card, Ripley attacks the player who currently has a Newt card. Every time a players draws a Ripley card, she gets stronger and can cause more harm in future encounters.

Players win if their Alien Queen has eliminated all other Queens or if they have two expansion cards in their hive.




Alien Perfect Organism


Nº of Players: 2 - 4
Playing Time:   20 - 35 min
Age: 12+


  • 100 cards
    • 40 alien
    • 24 human
    • 12 tunel 
    • 8 expansion
    • 3 labs 
    • 2 conduit
    • 4 Newt
    • 6 furious Ripley
    • 1 Ellen Ripley
  • 4 Queen Alien tiles
  • 8 Egg tokens
  • 44 wounds tokens
  • 1 Rule book



Design by Enrique Dueñas
Art by Guillermo Carballar



Gen X Games, 2019


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