Wednesday 28 October 2020

Narcos Plata o Plomo


In 1989, El Patrón declared total war against the government of Colombia, as well as the police and the army. He controls more than 80% of drug trafficking worldwide. His personal fortune is estimated between 25 and 30 billion dollars. Those who oppose him and refuse to be bribed are murdered by his men. He is one of the most powerful men in the world, and only the DEA and a small group of incorruptible local agents stand between him and his ultimate goal: to become the President of Colombia.

In Narcos Plata o Plomo one player takes control of El Patrón's empire while the other players have to cooperate to surround and capture him in Medellin before he gets enough influence to achieve his goal. For the law forces it is a race against time: the advance of El Patrón is implacable, so they must gather all their strength and recover control of the city comuna to comuna, cornering him before the elections turn him into the future President of the country and, therefore, untouchable to the forces of law.




Narcos Plata o Plomo


Nº of Players: 2 - 5
Playing Time:   60 - 90 min
Age: 16+


  • Tablero de juego
  • 13 player cards
  • Lieutenant tokens
  • 40 Sicario tokens
  • 4 Police Station tokens
  • 60 Soldier tokens
  • 50 Search Bloc cards
  • 50 Cartel cards
  • 16 Zone Control tokens
  • 80 OPS tokens
  • Marcadores de Turno, Comunas, Bombs and First Player marker
  • 8 dices
  • Bag for OPS
  • 1 Rule book



Design by Roberto Espeita & David Lorrio
Art by Daniel Delgado



Gen X Games, 2018


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